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The Seven Principles of Living Completely

1. Respect - For the dignity of each individual

2. Empathy - For the feelings and sensitivities of others

3. Acceptance - Of what already is

4. Selflessness - Acting for the greater good

5. Presence - Present centered living

6. Accountability - Being responsible for our actions

7. Thankfulness - Appreciation for what we have

Living is a lifelong learning experience. Living Completely is an art. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes, and often more so from our mistakes. I am sharing what I have learned about Living Completely in the hope that the fruits of both my mistakes and my successes can help others to avoid some of life’s pitfalls and empower them to realize their unlimited potential.

Following The Seven Principles of Living Completely will help you to create a foundation of values that will enable you to develop positive and creative responses to stressful situations.

Life Art Unlimited empowers readers by offering simple, practical and effective ways to live more completely to restore the natural balance and peace in your life that you deserve.

Enoon Gnihton

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